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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Guest Author

Admittedly, my friend and I are no longer

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Welcome!  Gabriola is my home. 

Carol Martin

 I would love to share where I live with you

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Bank tips you won’t get

Carol Plaisier

More new mortgage rules came into effect January 1,

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Congratulations Chris Beryl !!!

The Thursday Writers

Your poem was selected to represent

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Facing the challenges of dementia.

Alistair Hicks

Is the Person You Care for at Risk of Wandering

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That Fabulous First Impression

Patty Jeffs

Did you know that people size you up in three seconds?

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February is W.I. Month

Jane Brook

You may have heard of us…we’re famous you know! 

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Busting Some Big Fat Myths

Kristen Yarker

Most clients I work with have an uneasy relationship with fat.

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The Word Cancer Creates Fear

The Thursday Writers

So much had happened in a short time

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B.C. to cover cost of abortion pill

Island Gossip

Starting Jan. 15, B.C. will join five other Canadian provinces

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Creating Christmas Spirit

Trish Summerhayes

Christmas … portrayed in folklore, the media and

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Attention-Deficit Disorder.

Guest Author

 – the new flavor of the month diagnosis or is it one that has

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Sacredness Of Giving & Receiving

Megan Edge

purple lightsIt is at this time of year that many heated discussions

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Be Santa to a Senior in Victoria

Alistair Hicks

This is the time of year when many of us are busy

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A question from mother

Jenneke van Hemert

 Why do I still need to eat healthy?

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Animals cannot say what hurts

Anna Christine Doehring

 One of my visions is that every zoo

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