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Anney’s Closet was conceived through the ingenuity of Soroptimist International, Victoria West Shore (SIVW), a group of women of all ages who bring with them a wealth of experience and interests. They believe in, and contribute to, the wonderful potential in women and girls in our community and around the world.

SIVW identified an opportunity to help girls in the Greater Victoria area who are aging out of the foster care system. For these teenagers, who are often alone in the world, a donation of household items can make a huge improvement in their quality of life, boost their confidence, and goes a long way towards setting up their first apartments.

“A couple of years ago, one of our Women’s Opportunity award recipients requested a laptop instead of our usual cash award. At the award celebration, our Soroptimist club members began asking her if she needed a bed or household items, or other things that they could donate. Soon she was supplied with many things to set up her new life,” explains Anney Ardiel. “When I told the club that I send truckloads of beautiful household items to charity every month when downsizing my senior clients, they said “why not ask your clients if they’d like to redirect some of the very nicest things to help girls in our community who are starting out on their own?”

The idea of Anney’s Closet was born. Through discussion with our contacts at Boys and Girls Club, social workers and youth advocates, we confirmed that there are many girls in our community who start out with nothing other than their clothes when they age out of the foster care system at age 18, or when they sign youth agreements between the ages of 16-18. Some of them are pregnant or parenting at the same time. The social workers thought our “free store” shopping sprees would be an incredible opportunity for these girls.

When we asked U-Lock West Shore if they would donate a locker on an ongoing basis for us to house Anney’s Closet, they offered their largest locker and their staff even contributed donated items to the locker.

At the request of our partner social service agencies, Anney’s Closet also helps young at-risk mothers by providing rocking chairs to help facilitate early stages of development and mother/baby bonding. The possible inter-generational connections and corresponding benefits to the community are endless.

We are always looking for new project partners and supporters who can help spread the word or offer help with an aspect of the project.

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  1. I agree with Angelina ,it is such a cookie cutter idea that with the will could work in other communities. My friend Mirella Trozo kindly donated the rocking chair that she used to nurse her two boys who are now teenagers.
    She was thrilled to be able to do this. Her friend Karen made a cushion
    to go with it. Roy and I from Island Woman made the arrangements and Roy delivered it to Victoria . THANK YOU ANNEY…

  2. What a great idea! I’m sure every community could use a service like this.

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