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DIY for the holidays

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Evelyn M is an artist as well as an interior designer. She moved to Vancouver Island in 2005, settling between Campbell River and the Comox Valley. Her focus as an interior designer is to take the ideas of her clients to the next level, ensuring their needs are exceeded while staying within their budget. Evelyn also loves to write about her passions, and manages a Home and Garden blog and Facebook page for LocaLHomeSpot.com, a Campbell River Contractor Directory. Evelyn’s art is described as contemporary with a West coast flare; here at Island Woman her writing will cover topics on all aspects of design, Island style.

I am lucky enough to have a fully functioning shop on my property, but all that is required to make these light weight Pine Band Saw Tree Decorations is paper, felt pen and scissors, wood scraps, a band saw, sandpaper, artist’s acrylics and a paint brush.

I started out with an outline drawing that I drew on a scrap piece of paper, cut it out and then used it as a stencil on some pine wood scraps. The next step is the hardest, cutting the ornament shape out of the wood using a band saw – if you try this out, please be safe; nothing is worth loosing a finger over. When all the shapes are cut out, sand the edges and then paint away! I have always loved a tree full of lit candles, but I am not about to have that type of fire hazard in my home, so these wood candles are the next best thing. I also love a tree full of stars, but I like my stars not to be rigid and perfect. It took quite a bit of trial and error to get the shape I liked.

Crocheted Snow Flakes
I have to confess, I didn’t actually make these – my mother did. I am not any good at crocheting but I have always loved the look of crocheted snow flakes so my mother offered to crochet them for me. After they are crocheted, stiffener is applied so they will hold their shape – that’s all I know. If you can crochet, there are quite a few other holiday décor ideas that I wrote about in an article for Trendir and you can check them out here.

Personalized Christmas Cards
Every year, I paint a new holiday painting and then use the image to create Christmas Cards. The cards can be customized on the back and I send them out to all our Design House customers. It’s a great way to say thank you to them for hiring us and keeping in touch with them at the same time. The cards can be customized to any business, so if this is something that you might like to do, please feel free to contact me .


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  1. Hi Evelyn,
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas,I have always been
    thrilled to recieve handmade ornaments as a gift.
    I recall having candles that were clipped on the tree
    as a child, they were lit just once on Cristmas eve’
    It was magical.

    • Hi Trish, when I was a child, every New Year’s eve we went to my parents friends home in North Vancouver just past Point Atkinson. the highway was magically lit with tonnes of lights on every property and our hosts always had a long needled pine tree with real lit candles on it. I’ve never forgotten how magical it was. My favourite part of the season now is the exchange of homemade gifts with our neighbors. Every year we get the best rum balls from one neighbor and a few jars of jam and pickled treats from another. We, in turn present our neighbours with a collection of my art cards for upcoming birthdays etc.

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