Dr. Louise Janes D.V.M. & Dr. Jeff Grognet D.V.M.

Fleas? We Can Help!

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Dr. Louise and Dr. Jeff connected in 1984 while Louise was the shepherd at UBC Agricultural Sciences. They later married in 1992 and dreamed of creating a practice they could share. In the fall of 1995, they moved to Oceanside and officially opened the doors of the Mid-Isle Veterinary Hospital in Qualicum Beach in 1996. Their care focuses on dogs and cats, utilizing integrative medicine – a blend of traditional and complementary therapies. Full examination, surgical, and radiological facilities are also available. They call themselves integrative practitioners.

We are seeing lots of fleas, and this started in January! This year is different from any we’ve ever seen.There are two reasons. One is that it is warm – the fleas were not killed because it hardly froze at all. The other is complacency. Too many people didn’t use a preventive last year.

But, don’t panic. We can get your pet on a flea program really fast. You can call the hospital or watch the video below for information.



Dr. Louise Janes D.V.M. & Dr. Jeff Grognet D.V.M.
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