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From Nursing To Farming.

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Cedar Valley Poultry Farm was envisioned while I was taking my LPN coursethrough Malaspina University in 2004. By 2005 I registered my Farm business and received a business loan through Farm Credit Canada. My business life was underway, our farm was diversifying and BC Chicken Marketing Board had given our farm a permit to grow Chicken Meat. I left the working world to spend all my time developing our farm Business. My husband was working three part time jobs, which allowed this to happen.
My husband and I have been active in Farmers Markets for the past 21 years. Members of the Cedar Farmers Institute. I am a member of the Cedar Women’s Institute. Together we have been supportive of Agriculture in the Class room, and have given teachers and students tools to learn how small farms work in the community, the benefits that follow through health, nutrient values, our local economy, our community agriculture. We have given Farm tours for families immigrants and anyone who is interested in farm life. Working to better our community today we have seen many benefits that have positively changed the lives of many families.

We welcome all people to our Farm 2409 Yellowpoint Rd. Nanaimo BC V9X 1W5.
250-714-8309 – 250-723-3526 –


Here is our favourite Chicken Recipe. Original taken from Fabulous Chicken, with our own taste buds in mind. We hope you try it, then tweek it to your liking.

Chicken Liver Salad with Lemon Dressing
Salad: 4

Seniors home care, care facilities,RV parks B &B, Churches, Brew pubs, craft breweries, vineyards, distilleries, Pets BC. Seniors 101, Island Voices promoting the products and services available for seniors on Vancouver Island. Seniors 101 lifeline. Snowbirds. Employment. Politics. Vancouver Island Now. Island woman magazine. Around the Island, Newsletters.Cups local mix lettuce leaves or baby greens
4 slices of home curd bacon ( available at Cedar Farmers Market)
500g of Chicken Livers
1 ml of wizards Choice spice ( Fat Chili Farm )
375ml of sliced mushrooms
Lemon Dressing:

10 ml of Lemon zest
50ml Lemon Juice
5ml fresh thyme
125ml extra virgin olive oil

In small bowl stir together all Dressing ingredients except oil. Gradually add oil in a thin stream, while whisking constantly. Set aside.
Place lettuce in large bowl.

Cook bacon in medium frying pan over medium heat until crisp. Crumble Bacon, set aside.
Drain fat from frying pan leaving 15ml.
Add Chicken livers cooking at medium heat about 10 mins, stirring constantly.
Add the spice from Wizards Choice, remove from frying pan, keep warm.
To same skillet add mushrooms, Cook 5 minutes, Add to livers.

Pour half of Lemon Dressing over Chicken Livers and Mushrooms, toss lightly. Pour remaining Dressing over lettuce and toss.
Divide lettuce among 4 salad plates. Top with Chicken Livers and Mushrooms.
Sprinkle with Crumbled bacon and serve.



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  1. When I read the title of Betty’s article it was ‘instant deja vu! I’d thought about penning some prose on Nursing to Farming and here it was. Betty is a real tour de force – believe me, it’s pretty difficult wearing 2 giant hats at the same time. For me it was becoming an RN first, Malaspina College (back then in 1999) and then a farmer in 2004. Both are super-stressful jobs but they are both also super-rewarding and I’m sure Betty would agree that if we had a chance to ‘do it all again’ there would be hardly anything changed.
    Now that I’m freshly retired from NRGH I can’t figure out how I ever found the time for the farm AND nursing. So Betty, my hat’s off to you. And much thanks for the excellent recipe.

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