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Lessons In My Garden

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If you are looking for Peggy, you can either find her with her hands in dirt in the garden or in clay in the studio. Peggy Grigor is a full time potter who runs a home based studio/showroom/garden tour in Saltair BC. “Hands on” is her passion in life and where she is happiest. Peggy has been a potter and a teacher of clay for most of her adult life. While mainly self taught, she has attended numerous workshops from the masters on her travels across Canada. In 2005, she and her husband moved from Ontario to Vancouver Island and formed Turning Point Arts. Under that umbrella, they run their home-based studio and gallery.

We have been blessed with an unusually warm and sunny spring this year. Have you ever experienced such a wonderful February and March? (My apologies to those who don’t live on the West Coast – but I really can’t help bursting with the joy of it all!) It’s been such a bonus to get into the garden and get a head start on all the spring cleanup. My weeding is well in hand, pruning in good order and transplanting finished for the most part. Now I am free to just be outside, enjoy the fruits of my labour and relax as I watch nature blossom before my very eyes.

Time in the garden has always been cathartic for me. I can work off a bad mood, contemplate an important decision, and find joy in the simple chores at hand. It is here where I connect with my mother who taught me everything I know about playing in the dirt! Even my dreams are more calming as I wake up with new inspiration for my next garden chore.

With the sense of peace, calm and accomplishment that comes with working the soil, I start to reflect on life itself. Isn’t it amazing to realize how happiness comes from such a simple act and how the usual long list of wanting more ‘things’ begins to seem less important. Will buying that new couch or car or outfit bring me this kind of happiness? Most of us believe happiness lies in achieving huge life goals, such as making more money, paying off the mortgage, buying a new car, going on an exotic trip or becoming slimmer. Although all of these things are enticing, even important, they are all future oriented, and often defer our sense of well being, robbing us of daily contentment.

The spiritual masters of the world tell us that true happiness has nothing to do with what we want or think we need. It comes from the peace and serenity within, and that often comes from simply appreciating the moment. That’s what happens to me when I’m in the garden, surrounded by nature. Time in nature might be something different for you. Instead of gardening, it might be enjoying outdoor sports, camping under the stars, sailing in our calm coastal waters or taking a walk with your dog.

If we spent more time doing the things we love, I wonder if we would achieve so much inner contentment that eventually we would realize we already have all we need. And if we really have all we need, we could free up so much energy that used to be spent wanting more. Do you see where I am going? By changing our focus from how to get ‘more’ and simply enjoy what we already have, we open up tons of time and energy to attract the very things we strive for.

Through positive, simple, joyful activities, our hearts begin to open and with open hearts we allow good things to come. It’s what The Law of Attraction has been telling us. By feeling good, we attract more goodness and then we create space to allow more abundance into our lives, resulting in achieving all those huge life goals. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? And to learn all this, I didn’t have to spend a ton of time and energy studying or buying self improvement programs. All I had to do was listen to the lessons of my garden on a beautiful spring day.


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  1. Life is all about doing things we love! Hope you are doing the same, wherever you are, Maggie! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Well said. We all need to spend more time doing the things we love. There is nothing nicer in Canada than a Vancouver Island spring. I remember them well and I am jealous and missing that beauty.

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