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Letter to Dr. Robert Jeffress

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Mathieu Powell heads up Writing Impacts – a media company focused on communication strategies to build client relations and referral business through stories and rich digital and print content. He regularly freelances to write on topics concerning older adults, content creation, social media and SEO. “I’m enamoured by the power of stories. I believe our common, ancient sagas and our individual stories are a gateway to a better world. For it is only through empathy that we find understanding, through understanding, peace, and through peace, healing. We can’t carry another’s burdens, but we can bear witness to their story, lighten their load, and find a common ground of agreement.”

President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisor


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With words, you can seek understanding, foster peace, and pursue measured justice. With your words, you can damn a people to the fires of nuclear hell and stain your hands in their blood.

Dr. Robert Jeffress, your words have me questioning whether you follow the God you claim to believe in.

Are you a Christian, or are you a wolf covered in the sheep’s clothing of patriotism in the name of protecting your country? Behind the façade, you are encouraging brinkmanship in your president; a brinkmanship that may ultimately cause great suffering.

Is this something you feel Christ would do?

If your words ignite the righteous fires you seek, trust me when I say your holy zeal will melt away in the dark hours of night as visions of another nation’s scattered bones and charred children cause you to tremble in terror. You followers will curse and desert you, your blessing will dry up and your money will leave you.

Put aside the rush of power in your belly and vie instead for peaceful resolution. Be a tempered voice of wisdom, not a reactionary voice of violence.

The world will need to deal with Kim Jong Un, but not with an overuse of power, and certainly not with nuclear weapons. How your president decides to handle this situation will resonate throughout history, as will the names of everyone who played a part in this crisis.

Who are you, Dr. Robert Jeffress? Will you be remembered as a dove of peace, or a wolf of rage?


“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

“Don’t say things. What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“When a king, empowered by your words, turns against the freedom and liberty of any people, how long will it be before he quells the dissenting voices of your own countrymen and revokes their liberty?

When your president, empowered by your words, decides to destroy the people of another country, how long before he turns against you and exercises his “God given right” to imprison, persecute and destroy you?

When your nation, empowered by your voice, brands any people as “evil”, making them irredeemable and suitable only for destruction, how long before your nation faces its own?”

Mathieu Powell.
Writing Rhetoric.



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  1. I think liberal apologists like you are the real problem. President Trump is doing a great job standing up to evil doers, and I think we should blow North Korea out of the water.

    • George, any fool can start a war, especially with the weapons that we now have. Just press the button. Then what do we do? How do we create a caring and lasting peace? Korea unfortunately is the perfect tragic example of that challenge. 60 plus years, and counting.

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