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I sit quietly at my desk and really enjoy working with Island Woman, but nobody ever asks for my opinion on the day to day happenings in the world. So, I decided I would just say out loud what I think. If you hear of something that island women should know about, let me know. Thank you.

I recently attended  an information workshop in Duncan regarding chronic pain control and was pleasantly surprised by the range of people attending, their ailments, and their ways of dealing with their pain, or not.

The participants were adults of various ages, men and women, and they were looking for the relief of chronic pain for themselves. The causes were numerous and varied, caused by accidents’ and ailments.

To help control their pain some used various prescription and over the counter drugs. Some were also smoking marijuana, or using other forms of cannabis.

Although I know people that have used marijuana I really know very little about the various products or the therapeutic value of them.

Recently a new cannabis dispensary has opened in Chemainus, where I live. We asked the owner Cody Aginas to give us an outline of what he was offering the public and why. The article below was his reply.


Locally Owned and Operated Cannabis Dispensary – Green Aura.

green-auraGreen Aura Cannabis Dispensary is a safe, friendly, and educational source for all your medical cannabis needs. We work within our community of Chemainus and the surrounding Cowichan Valley to provide safe access to our array of locally sourced, laboratory tested products. We strive to provide the very best in customer service, product quality, and member education through continued education, self-monitoring, and member feedback. Our members feel a sense of healing and warmth when entering our facility, and can feel comfortable knowing they are speaking with informed individuals who have their best interests at heart.

Our selection of products are professionally selected, presented, and labeled to allow you to make an informed decision, along with the help of our educated staff, as to which product would most suit your lifestyle and medical need. Green Aura has a wide range of cannabis products ranging from topical applications such as salves and balms, to tinctures including psychoactive-free CBD options, precisely dosed edible options, flower, and oils.

Those dealing with issues such as arthritis, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, allergies, anxiety, and muscle tremors can find excellent relief with high CBD tinctures, such as our CBD Oil Creations 500mg tincture, as well as extremely effective topical applications, including our range of Earth Dragon and Island Naturals infusions. These applications in many cases have allowed our members to enjoy the full benefits of relief without the side-effects or complications of traditional pharmaceuticals. These options have none of the traditional ‘high’ associated with cannabis, and as such are a viable option for any time of day.

We encourage anybody who is even considering cannabis as an option to stop in and visit Green Aura Cannabis Dispensary. Our simple members’ application is designed to allow our staff to ensure cannabis is a viable option, with no harmful reactions to current treatments, and once completed and approved you are granted access to our exclusive members only area.

Please visit us today at 105C- 3055 Oak St. in Chemainus, BC, located right in Chemainus Village Square, or visit our website at

Cody Aginas B.A.
Owner Green Aura




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