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Ode to John Hellum.

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I sit quietly at my desk and really enjoy working with Island Woman, but nobody ever asks for my opinion on the day to day happenings in the world. So, I decided I would just say out loud what I think. If you hear of something that island women should know about, let me know. Thank you.

John Hellum was larger than life in every possible way, physically, mentally and gastronomically.

Unfortunately for us John has died and has left us poor mortals for that ultimate kitchen in the sky.

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The patrons there will soon learn to recognise and love the man in the hat just as we did.

Fortunately as long as there is one person here that knew him, John will live on. His swagger,  his story telling ability, his incredible knowledge base on all things, his kind and gentle heart and his rapier like wit will never leave us.

Fortunately we can also still experience the essence of John through his writings.

John submitted many articles to Seniors (our sister site) which can be enjoyed by clicking on his banner below.

Thank you John for sharing your life with us.


John Hellum



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