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Literary Arts in Cowichan Valley

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If you are looking for Peggy, you can either find her with her hands in dirt in the garden or in clay in the studio. Peggy Grigor is a full time potter who runs a home based studio/showroom/garden tour in Saltair BC. “Hands on” is her passion in life and where she is happiest. Peggy has been a potter and a teacher of clay for most of her adult life. While mainly self taught, she has attended numerous workshops from the masters on her travels across Canada. In 2005, she and her husband moved from Ontario to Vancouver Island and formed Turning Point Arts. Under that umbrella, they run their home-based studio and gallery.

Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society (CVCAS) is the representative of all forms of art in the Chemainus Valley. Our catchment area is north of Herd Road to Saltair. We are one of three arts councils in the Cowichan Valley who are working collaboratively to develop arts and culture in the CVRD region.

CVCAS is widely known and respected for putting on outstanding music performances in the Chemainus area. Every summer, you can come and sit under the trees and night sky to enjoy our weekly Music in the Park Series. Most weekends all summer, we offer Music Festivals featuring performers from across the Island and the rest of Canada. You can learn more about our music events at our website:

But music is not the reason I am writing to you today. CVCAS is expanding into all other forms of art and has a lot to offer to visual artists, theatre and performance arts and literary arts. Last year we put on the compelling stage show “Lady Day” and this year marks our first 1st Aboriginal Festival, slated for June 21st (you won’t want to miss that!). Now we are actively seeking local writers (and readers) to join us as well.

Our goal is to reach as many writers of all levels as we can and ask them how we can best represent their needs. When you join the arts council you will be able to meet other writers, find people to collaborate with, connect with illustrators and artists for your book projects and much more. We would love to find enough writers to form a writer’s driven group who will meet regularly, share ideas and spearhead all sorts of literary events. One thing CVCAS knows how to do is put on events!

So, let your imagination run wild. We have so many ideas for writers’ projects including literary festivals, book release parties, speaking and lecture series and more. We are very excited to be working with a core team right now who want to celebrate Canada 150 by collaborating with local newspapers to feature articles written by you about life in the Cowichan Valley. Details are still being worked out and we need you to help make it happen.

How can the CVCAS assist writers, novice writers, wanna be writers and book enthusiasts? Here’s what we have to offer:

  1. Access to funding for projects
  2. Power through our status with agencies and governments to get help, promotions, funding, etc.
  3. Venues to hold events – we have a working relationship with many
  4. Provide connections for collaborations
  5. Membership list, website, newsletters, social media to promote events
  6. A strong desire to branch into literary arts representation (as well as other under served art forms – youth, 1st Nations, community theatre, etc.)


How can you get involved? It’s simple. Just go to and join us. For a mere $25.00 per year, you will get a monthly newsletter, representation on our website and social media, connection with other people in the art world, opportunity to work in special projects and events.


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