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Reflexology for Constipation

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Nicole Costello is a Certified Reflexologist. She began her studies in 1993 and is trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. Centerline Reflexology was born out of her passion to free people from pain through this specific type of foot massage, which also increases circulation and reduces stress. Her enthusiasm resides in aiding others in maintaining their independence and an active lifestyle! You can find her traveling all over Victoria, from seniors' facilities to community spaces, as well as providing home visits. Lucky for Victoria residents, she has clinic hours available in James Bay and Cook Street Village as well.

Constipation can be an embarrassing

topic for some people to discuss, but so many of us can suffer from it, it’s an important conversation to have. How you are digesting and excreting food can also have a big impact on your energy levels and mood. Are you feeling lethargic and depressed? Constipation could be part of the problem.

During the winter many of us do not intake the amount of fluids or fruit we need too. It’s natural not to feel the compulsion to intake these foods and fluids in the same way we do in the hot summer months. As a result however, this leads to reduced levels of moisture and fiber in the bowels. How is your intake… is there room for improvement here?

We also tend to not to be as active as we are in other seasons. We spend more time indoors and are primarily sitting on top of it all. Is it a coincidence that it is one the coldest winters here in 30 years? No wonder we are all hibernating indoors and not moving around! Is there a way you can find though, to incorporate more movement into your day?

I have had a record number of clients coming in suffering from this issue, which lead me to write this article. I am keeping it short to avoid anyone sitting on their computer for too long – but as always feel free to contact me, should you have any questions.


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