Rockin’ Risotto.

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The online farmers’ market initiative, works closely with local farmers to provide the community with easy access to weekly supplies of fresh and home grown products, with the ultimate goal of promoting local food security and small-scale agricultural viability.

Nick Misura returned to his native Cowichan Valley a few years ago with a goal of settling down and enjoying his retirement. However, Nick’s love of cooking, good food and a restlessness to do something fun and creative soon took over. Rockin’ Risotto was born in 2015 and Nick has been converting customers to this delicious side-dish ever since!

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Risotto originated in Northern Italy. The dish was invented during the 11th century and was mainly a peasant dish, very high in nutrient and energy content. Traditionally reserved for the first-course of a meal, nowadays, risotto has assumed additional roles at the table, appearing as a main course or complementary side dish.

Blended and packaged by hand, Nick sells his risottos at the Duncan Farmers’ Market, LifeStyles in Victoria, Russell Farm Market and the Garden Pantry Store. Nick is also a member of the Cow-Op! During the holiday season, his attractive risotto packaging makes the perfect gift for stocking stuffers, a great gift for foody friends and relatives. Order Rockin’ Risottos online at  is the Cowichan’s only year-round online farmers’ market.


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