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How-To Books.

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Linda Graceffo, The Writer Connection, is a professional graphic designer by trade who is passionate about helping authors self-publish their books.

How to successfully self-publish a How-to book.  If you are an expert in your profession or hobby then writing a How-to book might be right for you. How-to books are extremely popular because many people, including myself can appreciate a step-by-step guide of how to do something we have never done before. We might be intimidated to jump right into something without research or basically we are lazy and don’t want to do all the research. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done it? The wildly popular “Dummies for ______” are everywhere and easy to find.

Here are some examples of How-to books:

A dog trainer, let’s call him Sam, is growing his business. He uses hand-outs in his training sessions and is often asked for more information or is emailed for free consultations. He decides to combine all his handouts and create a clear descriptive book including diagrams that his clients can follow along with as they progress through the training sessions with their dog. He often gives workshops and has speaking engagements and the book gives him credibility as an expert in his profession.

Another example is a self-employed health and wellness professional, let’s call her Susan. She is a registered fitness instructor and personal trainer who has travelled the world and has many stories to tell. She has a very loyal following because she puts together a very unique and fun program for her clients especially for them. She is always being told she should write a book on how to keep on track and stay fit for life. She gets motivated to do this with a step-by-step approach which includes diagrams and motivational tips and tricks.

See, you can self-publish your How-to book; it just takes some planning and persistence. If you have any questions, call me 250-871-3323 or email Go to my website to download your free copy of YOUR Book YOUR Way!

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