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Signs Our Body is Giving Us

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Anna Christine Doehring , RHFP, CRP, had a lifelong interest in medicine, yet life had many other intentions. She came to Vancouver Island in 1989. Since 1995 she has been practicing Reflexology, JinShinDo®, CranioSacral®. and since 2007 Reconnective Healing®. This is seen as the leader in the growing field of Energy-Healthcare. She is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner™ and presently the only Certified Reconnection Practitioner™ on Vancouver Island. Because every symptom is like the tip of an iceberg, she writes mainly about the signs the body gives us that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

 Heart palpitations, anxiety, memory difficulties and more. These and many more signs our body is giving us that it is under constant stress from electro magnetic frequencies emitted by the wireless technology we use (see below). These devices  emit radiofrequency electromagnetic fields,  including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters.

An Information Package was sent to Doctors together with a letter signed by Una St.Clair Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Technology Society.


are many links that give more detailed information about specific topics. Here is a list of symptoms that might be caused by wireless technology:

Headaches and migraines – Dizziness and vertigo – Heart palpitations and arrhythmia – Insomnia – Immune disorders & “flu” symptoms – Anxiety and agitation – Microwave hearing (buzzing, high tones) – Depression & mood changes – Nausea and digestive difficulties – Nosebleeds – Memory and concentration difficulties – Skin rashes – Extreme fatigue & exhaustion – Joint and muscle pain – Shortness of breath, asthma-like symptoms – Flushing & tingling – Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms – Hyperactivity

What many do not know is that this meter is in constant communication with all electrical appliances in the house – and the person is in the middle of it when at home. Actually a very sensitive friend of mine felt that and got the analog meter re-installed.

Dr. Klinghardt from Seattle, was interviewed about EMF and Lyme Disease.  This interview is on s and contains recommendations to be protected from EMF.

Never stand in front of a Smart Meter and do not have it on the outside of the bedroom or living room. Educate yourself about this topic. Being always tired is he first alarm sign.

The best way is to use this technology as little as possible and have at least the bedroom WiFi-free so that the body is able to recover over night. Being in nature, eating food that is alive, and walking barefoot on the lawn is strengthening the body too. Doctors of Chinese Medicine specific Acupressure Sessions and Reconnective Healing can also improving the situation.



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