Spirituality Beyond Borders.

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Jule Briese is a retired educator who was also trained as a BCTF facilitator. She has a BA in Psychology and holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from The Justice Institute, as well as a Certificate in Grief and Loss Studies. Jule offers Personal Insight Workshops in the areas of Communicating from the Heart, Returning Balance to Our Lives and Exploring Our Ability to Heal Grief and Loss. Recently she has turned her attention to poetry and freelance writing while continuing to pursue her studies in energy healing.

Thirsting For Spiritual Nourishment?

For those of us who wrestle with feelings of alienation and a sense of disconnect, Spirituality Beyond Borders: Education for Transformation might just offer soul food.

I confess that I fall into the category of thirsting for spiritual nourishment.  Recently April 6-8th I took the opportunity to participate in Trinity: The Soul of Creation live webcast -in -community from the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was offered at the Bethlehem Center  (Nanaimo) in conjunction with Spirituality  Beyond Borders ( Parksville ) and The  Contemplative Society  (Victoria).

Sharing space with like-minded individuals for three days reflecting upon presentations given by mystic Cynthia Bourgeault, mystic, Richard Rohr, and Paul Young author of The Shack was in a true sense a feast that nourished my soul.

I would like to highlight a few statements made by the presenters that still resonate within me. Richard Rohr “ The Divine way of thinking is love it first then know it.” We tend to do the opposite coming from “what’s in it for me? Know it then love it.” Paul Young “We are so afraid to trust that we are attracted to religion and climb into our heads to find certainty walking with our eyes wide shut.”  Cynthia Bourgeault, “ Open your heart and ask what is needed.”

There is still an opportunity to experience material from the Spring Conference held 3 days prior to the web cast and the Trinity webcast either at the Bethlehem Center or  at St. Anne & St. Edmund’s. Information is available by checking the website:  www.spiritualitybeyondborders.org  

Spirituality Beyond Borders is a Canadian educational program in spirituality based in Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It was founded in late 2016 with a view to making a first offering in 2017 of educational conferences, webcasts, and other events, in a variety of flexible formats, sessions, and semesters. The founding leadership team members are Andrew Twiddy, Anglican priest at St. Anne & St. Edmund parish in Parksville, retired Catholic bishop, Remi De Roo and Pearl Gervais lay Roman catholic teacher and facilitator.

Focus is on live and offline events, interactive learning, and group and face-to-face community-building programs. The vision of Spirituality Beyond Borders is education for transformation.

The mission of Spirituality Beyond Borders is: to provide dynamic educational programming with supportive contemplative practices that lead to transformative learning experiences and spiritual growth.

Programs offered are for anyone interested in the topic of spiritual transformation and growth with a view to making a greater positive impact in the world.  Presenters of these programs and practices come from diverse spiritual backgrounds and are internationally known speakers.

For those of you interested in more information, once again I encourage you to check the website: www.spiritualitybeyondborders.org


Jule Briese.


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