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The Pink Hat

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The Thursday writers meet weekly in a public library. We collect twenty minute prompts, mostly one sentence long, draw a prompt at random, then write furiously and read our work to the group. Sharing writing information such as workshops, books, and readings we've been to have kept us current on what's happening in our neighbourhood. Our focus as writers has grown and now this new venture with the Island Woman Magazine is very exciting. We plan on a once monthly submission, rotating writers throughout the year. We are having lots of writing fun!

I know all those faces

wild flashing eyes

angry chanting voices


centuries of walking 

the great global umbilical road of

this long long march

yesterday   today        tomorrow


can anyone answer why

we have to ask for our rights?

why they are not a given? 

who it is that refuses us?


and it’s not over yet

we are still marching on those

harsh ancient stony roads 


but we take each of you with us

woven into each stitch of this pink hat

knit one     purl one     knit one     purl one.


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  1. Beautiful woman, beautiful poem!


  3. What a wonderful poem.

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