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What is Past Life Regression?

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Megan Edge is a Master Healer, Intuitive Educator, Counsellor and Author of the recently published work "The Heart's Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guide Book". She offers Mind, Body and Soul healing though Energy Healing, Intuitive Counselling and Body Work. In her private practice, Megan holds space for personal healing, empowering the individual to access their own healing powers. As a certified Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Energy Medicine Healer, she believes each of us has the potential to unlock our healing abilities, both for ourselves and for others.

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly. A branch of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy has grown over the last 50 years to be an important addition to the alternative healing arts as well as to mainstream psychology and psychiatry.

Farmers markets Blog, Restaurants, Crafts, Hobbies, Recipes, Pets, Shop on-line. Women's Fashions, Woman to Woman.  Island Woman magazine, inspiring the women of Vancouver Island, BC.Some people try past life regression out of curiosity simply to see who they were in a past life. For most, it’s a path of personal growth and self-awareness. Past life regression can help you:

See personal relationships in a new light

Energize talents and abilities from other times and places

Release fears and anxieties linked to other lifetime traumas

Release other lifetime traumas at the root of physical problems in this lifetime

Experience the transitional states of death and beyond

Understand and connect with your life purpose

The biggest question that comes up in any discussion of reincarnation is, why? Why would we wish to live over and over again? When you look around at the atrocities that dot history or the many hurtful ways people can treat one another, it’s a fair question. And yet, “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” (Max Ingram).

There is such beauty, mystery and wonder on our planet that I can’t imagine not wanting to come here. Beyond that, there are also experiences that you have as a human being that cannot be healed while you are in your Soul. You come back here, time and again, to do the healing work on past traumas that can only be done in the human body. And, there are ways in which the human body feels that are unique to physical form. Feeling of joy, happiness, ecstasy and feelings of pain, anger and sorrow are experienced at the cellular level while you are in a physical form in a manner very different then when you are in your Soul being.  

And ultimately – wouldn’t you want to know who you were in other lifetimes?

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Farmers markets Blog, Restaurants, Crafts, Hobbies, Recipes, Pets, Shop on-line. Women's Fashions, Woman to Woman.  Island Woman magazine, inspiring the women of Vancouver Island, BC.There are numerous ways to connect with your other lifetimes. The least personally interactive method is to allow a qualified Past Life Reader to tune into your energy field and tell you what they are seeing and feeling. As they relate or channel your lifetime experiences to you, you may “see” the events unfolding in your own mind. Often you will know if the visions and information is correct or true for you as your body reacts and responds to what is being said. Remember, your body doesn’t lie to you.


In other words, you know it to be true for you because your body and emotions experience the events. This approach can be fascinating and allows for a distance between you and your other lifetime experiences. At the same time, seeds of doubt may arise because you are not the one doing the remembering.

Another method of past life regression is a full hypnotic state. This is when you are taken into a deep hypnotic trance and directed to relive or see parts of, or the whole of, another lifetime. Generally, you are put into a deeply relaxed state under the direction of a hypnotherapist who then asks you questions while you are in this deep, receptive state. Your answers come from your sub or super-conscious and bypass your normal thinking mind. You may have no memory of the events upon coming out of the trance until you listen to the recording of the session.

By far the most effective and quickest way to experience your other lifetime memories is to be fully present in the remembering and to also be an active participant. In recent years I have developed a direct approach to connecting with your other lifetimes. I call it The Rapid Response Technique™.


With this method you are fully present and aware of your surroundings. Without being put into a hypnotic state I ask you to take three deep breaths, relaxing gently into your chair on each exhale. After the third exhale, as you return to normal breathing, I begin asking you a series of fast paced and intuitively directed questions, the answers to which you share directly from your sub or super-consciousness, without filtering or editing your responses.

With this method you are directly remembering your other lifetime experiences, without the filter of another person’s visions, as in the first approach described, or not aware of the story as it is unfolding, as in the second approach. In the Rapid Response Technique™ you are fully present and participating and the story is yours. I have witnessed amazingly deep healings with this approach and it is the one I use most often now.

Farmers markets Blog, Restaurants, Crafts, Hobbies, Recipes, Pets, Shop on-line. Women's Fashions, Woman to Woman.  Island Woman magazine, inspiring the women of Vancouver Island, BC.Using The Rapid Response Technique™, one of my client and I asked the question, why it was that she was anxious about making choices and decisions? We went into a past life of hers where she found herself as a carpet salesman, somewhere in the Middle East.  Her name was Marcus, and she was a father, husband and business man.  It turned out that Marcus was a bit of a shyster too and not the most honest business man. He would cheat, steal and lie in order to make a little bit of money for his family.

As the story unfolded, we saw her – it was so vivid, so amazing – walking down this dusty road with a cart full of carpets, going to the carpet exchange or the carpet market with this thought in his mind – that this was the last trip that he was going to take selling carpets.  He had sunk all his money, all the money of the family, into these carpets that he was going to sell.  My client described going into the market; she smelt it and she could feel it. She felt the anxiety that was starting to build up within her and as she got to her stall, she saw that there was another carpet salesman beside her whom she knew. They made a deal and she ended up selling all of her carpets to him at a loss based on his promise of greater financial gains. Instead, the other carpet salesman sold the carpets and then ran away, taking all the money.  Now she saw herself standing in this market with nothing.  The shame she felt at having made this poor decision and putting her family at risk was so great that Marcus never returned home. He never went back to his wife and his children; he left them because he was too ashamed to tell them what he had done. 

My client came out of this experience sobbing.  She said to me “I felt what he was going through.  I felt how much he loved his family and how badly he felt for what he had done.  What do we do with this now?  How do we heal this?”

So we went back into that life with her now, who she is now. She visualized finding Marcus in the market and she gave him advice.  She suggested that perhaps he could make different choices, which he did. In this reality that we visualized, he didn’t make a deal with that carpet salesman.  He sold all of his carpets, got the money, went home to his family and he never sold carpets again – I don’t know what he ended up doing as we didn’t get that far – but when she came out of that experience all her anxiety was gone.

Farmers markets Blog, Restaurants, Crafts, Hobbies, Recipes, Pets, Shop on-line. Women's Fashions, Woman to Woman.  Island Woman magazine, inspiring the women of Vancouver Island, BC.Now she makes choices all the time and doesn’t have any problem making those choices. She feels confident that she knows what she needs to do and she can make wise choices for herself and for her family.  With this quick method of connecting to her past life as Marcus she was able to better understand her fear of making the wrong choice. The healing came when we went back into that life time and she helped Marcus make better choices and ultimately changed his life experiences, which helped her release her fears as well.

Every person you’ve ever been in any lifetime that you’ve ever lived, is available to you right now, in this lifetime.  To talk to, to learn from, to help.  As you do healings today, there’s a ripple that goes out through time and those aspects of yourself, those people who you were who had similar experiences, they will have the healing also.  Can you feel how powerful that is?  That the work you’re doing today in this lifetime, has this impact on your experiences in other lifetimes.  That’s the part about time travel that’s so amazing.  You can go back and change your experience of the past.

You have, no doubt, heard people complain that if Past Lives are real, then we’d all want to be Cleopatra or Caesar, or some other famous and rich or powerful person. There are two sides to this argument – firstly, someone WAS Cleopatra or Caesar, they had to be. And they didn’t do it alone. When someone takes on a big life, such as being the ruler of nations or a major transformational figure in history, such as Christ or Buddha, more than one Soul comes on board to help this person move through their life events. In my past life explorations, I can tell you I was Shakespeare and Joan of Arc and not the only Soul to have participated in these life times.

Secondly, most people are very happy to live many of their lives in a most ordinary way, even if they live them extraordinarily. Certainly there can be huge lessons learned in a big life, just as there can be huge lessons learned in a regular life. It really isn’t the size of the life that creates the learning, growth, happiness and healing. It’s the events that each person calls into their lives – their individual challenges, life paths and purposes, and the relationships with the people around them.

Farmers markets Blog, Restaurants, Crafts, Hobbies, Recipes, Pets, Shop on-line. Women's Fashions, Woman to Woman.  Island Woman magazine, inspiring the women of Vancouver Island, BC.Reincarnation Exploration is more than a personal movie or narrative, full of authentic details. Layers of understanding infuse your stories as they unfold. You are acutely aware of the meaning of the other life from a super-conscious state, recognizing emotional, behavioural, and physical patterns set up by the other lifetime experiences, which are still present in your psyche. In this unique state of awareness, you can release negative feelings and physical sensations that are connected to the past life and which no longer serve you in the present. You can also connect to Other Lifetime experiences where you were successful, loved, and respected. Connecting with positive and successful lifetimes and experiences can remind you of what is possible for you and help you to welcome these possibilities into your current life in a deeper and more conscious way.

The goal with other lifetime exploration is not to re-traumatize you. It is to allow you to be in the observer position, from the perspective of the bigger picture of the tapestry of your many incarnations. You can just as easily remember lifetimes in which you were loved, successful and safe as those in which you were abandoned, injured or sad. Both experiences have value in this lifetime as you work towards a greater understanding of your choices and experiences.

At the end of the day, whether or not you believe that reincarnation is true, isn’t it the healing that can come from this therapy the most important thing?


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