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Wild Fires. We can do something.

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I sit quietly at my desk and really enjoy working with Island Woman, but nobody ever asks for my opinion on the day to day happenings in the world. So, I decided I would just say out loud what I think. If you hear of something that island women should know about, let me know. Thank you.

After the 2003 firestorms around Kelowna the provincial government said millions would be spent to clean up logging debris that had been left on the ground throughout BC after logging operations.

Seniors home care, care facilities,RV parks B &B, Churches, Brew pubs, craft breweries, vineyards, distilleries, Pets BC. Seniors 101, Island Voices promoting the products and services available for seniors on Vancouver Island. Seniors 101 lifeline. Snowbirds. Employment. Politics. Vancouver Island Now. Island woman magazine. Around the Island, Newsletters.Only a small fraction of that has been done and the dry fuel is still there waiting to burn. Lots of communities are still surrounded by it and this should immediately cleaned up.

Once the fire season is over this should become a matter a of great urgency for everyone. The preparations for this massive clean-up should start now. The price of ignoring this realty can be seen on our television screens. You could be next.

No more blue hard hat posing. This issue is far too important to be left to politicians; this must become a people driven project.



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