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The Thursday writers meet weekly in a public library. We collect twenty minute prompts, mostly one sentence long, draw a prompt at random, then write furiously and read our work to the group. Sharing writing information such as workshops, books, and readings we've been to have kept us current on what's happening in our neighbourhood. Our focus as writers has grown and now this new venture with the Island Woman Magazine is very exciting. We plan on a once monthly submission, rotating writers throughout the year. We are having lots of writing fun!

     Aging is one of the most thought about topics in the world. Every nation has proud centurions, usually quite willing to give their own personal hints on how they managed to live so long. Whisky and cigars have even been credited on occasion. That they survived at all has got to be a fluke of nature, still we sometimes see them on TV, wrinkled-up, but still smoking. These are the exceptional. Most of us go into a slow decline, fighting all the way with exercise, meds. and diet, trying to last as long as possible, hoping desperately our brain cells will hold up.

    Asking a little child to show on their fingers how old they are is an early lesson in aging. It is cute but humans seem preoccupied with it. Reaching adulthood and aging brings for some a continual struggle to stay youthful and healthy.

    Cosmetic manufacturers love aging. It makes them millions every year. They have products for everything, wrinkles, smooth skin, bright eyes, surgery. Just think of it and you can find it in any corner drug store or plastic surgeon’s office. The continual battle to look younger goes on, mainly for vanities sake, still society encourages it. Have you heard the expression “She should do something with herself, she has let herself go.” No, she is just aging without the aid of hair dye and make-up, almost a sin in modern society.

    I love it when I meet someone who is aging gracefully. This is a true art. To be able to savour the life you have lived and be peaceable with it, the good and the bad, develops a deep, genuine, emotional wisdom, immediately perceived by others and shows others that you are OK with all of it. Accept it and love it for what it is. A gift.

[written from a twenty minute prompt, in our writing group by Barbara Smith]


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  1. Well said! Let’s all embrace the aging process with grace.

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