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Nicole Costello is a Certified Reflexologist. She began her studies in 1993 and is trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. Centerline Reflexology was born out of her passion to free people from pain through this specific type of foot massage, which also increases circulation and reduces stress. Her enthusiasm resides in aiding others in maintaining their independence and an active lifestyle! You can find her traveling all over Victoria, from seniors' facilities to community spaces, as well as providing home visits. Lucky for Victoria residents, she has clinic hours available in James Bay and Cook Street Village as well.

Our daylight time is getting shorter and the clouds seem to have rolled in. This season can certainly be a struggle for some of us. Depression and anxiety can start to rear their not so pretty heads. The good news is, our bodies can help us find those inner rays of sunshine once again. What a relief to know that our own bodies hold such keys to our well-being!

How do we unlock these golden treasures? One path is to apply pressure to specific reflex areas of the body. This assists in boosting our spirits through stimulating endorphins to release naturally. How do endorphins make a difference? Endorphins are a chemical naturally released by the brain. Its benefits include reducing pain sensations and actually making you feel happier. It also allows the body to feel relaxed or full of energy. If you feel like your nerves are shot but you still have a lot to do, this can help you accomplish the tasks ahead, without all that anxiety attached. If you feel your get up and go – has got up and went – it can help with that too.

Reflexology pressure points are found on the feet and our knowledgeable team follows a tailored routine that can assist your body into a more joyful and relaxed state. Through a gentle pressure point massage on the feet (that includes massaging the calves), reflex points corresponding to specific areas of the brain, glands and particular organs are stimulated. This assists your body in releasing those endorphins and also regulating your body back to a state of homeostasis. Not only does that word (homeostasis) sound like a warm cabin with a fireplace happily crackling away… it actually means – the ability of the body to maintain a stable internal environment despite changes in external conditions. Being in homeostasis feels just the way it sounds, comforting.

If you could benefit from a of seasonal tune up, we are offering $1 per min community reflexology sessions through our host VCA @ 1016 Fort St. [BOOK NOW] – Or, you can purchase a private full session or group of sessions for a loved one that needs a more in-depth treatment from us directly at . For a quick “how to” video click here. Questions? Call Nicole (778)433-3119.Happy days of inner sunshine everyone.


Quotes for the spirit…

“Happiness, moves through me like a river of love” ~Laura Norman

“I do have the time to feel peace, comfort and joy that is my life” ~Laura Norman


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